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 2007            Bayfield Street (Coulter St. to Cundles Rd.)                       Bob Kahle
                    Resurfacing and Watermain
                    • Site Preparation
                    • Roadworks
                    • Watermains
 2007            Heritage Green Plaza                                                      PEIL Consulting Engineers
                    Parking Lot Revision
                    • Siteworks and Removals
                    • Storm Sewers
                    • Asphalt removals, placement of new curb
 2007            Finch Avenue Townhouses                                             SOIL Engineering Ltd.
                    • Sediment Controls, Cleaning, Demolition Works
                    • Earthworks
                    • Storm Sewers
                    • Road Works
 2007            Park Royal Relief Storm Sewer                                        City of Mississauga
                    • Roadworks
                    • storm Sewers
 2007            Wasaga Beach - Pacific Homes                                        Jones Consulting
                    • Top Works - 1.5m Sidewalk
 2007            McKnoughton & Keele                                                    Caledon Hills Engineering
                    • Waterbox Inspections and Repairs
                    • Watermains
                    • Sewer Repairs (Storm and Sanitary)
 2007            Madill Farm Subdivision                                                  SOIL Engineers Ltd.
                    • Storm Sewers
                    • Sanitary Sewers
                    • Watermains
                    • Service Connections
                    • Stage One Roadworks
 2007            Grayfive Assumption Works Phase 2                                SOIL Engineers Ltd.
                    • Site Cleaning, Blvd. Grading, Sodding
                    • Underground Sewer Repairs
                    • Waterbox and Mainline Watermain Repairs
                    • Concrete and Curb Patching Repairs
                    • Driveway Resurfacing
 2007            Labatt's                                                                        Chorley & Bisset Ltd.
                    • Process Floor and Sewer Modifications